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Repeater System



“Covering the Garden State from Atlantic City to New York City to Philadelphia”


It all started in 1995 with the desire to have continuous repeater coverage between northern New Jersey and the southern New Jersey shore area. What began as a small one-man project with three linked sites, mainly covering the Garden State Parkway, has evolved into a statewide system. The system has been fueled by three fundamental principles: interest in radio propagation/repeater technology,  the desire to have uninterrupted radio coverage while traveling the major corridors, and keeping the 70cm band active.

The NJ Linked Repeater Association (W2NJR) currently provides coverage throughout the Atlantic City – New York City – Philadelphia area triangle. The majority of the system is owned and maintained by K2CB. In addition, we are fortunate to be affiliated with the Tri County Radio Association’s W2LI repeater. Additional repeater owners are welcome to join our growing system – contact us!

The system is open for use by all licensed amateurs. There are no dues, and no formal meetings. However, the users often get together for coffee breaks now and then as time permits. Please feel free to join us sometime!


Location Frequency Offset PL Call Sign AMSL Power Link Status Status
Manahawkin, NJ 445.075 MHz -5 MHz 141.3 Hz W2NJR 492 Ft 50w Linked On the Air
Brick Twp, NJ 146.490 Mhz +1 MHz 141.3 Hz W2NJR 115 Ft 50w  Linked On the Air
Brick Twp, NJ 448.125 Mhz -5 MHz 141.3 Hz W2NJR 125 Ft 50w  Linked On the Air
Lakewood, NJ 449.525 Mhz -5 MHz 141.3 Hz W2NJR 180 Ft 80w Not Linked On the Air
Wall Twp., NJ 444.350 MHz +5 MHz 141.3 Hz W2NJR 180 Ft 50w  Linked On the Air
Wall Twp., NJ 146.775 Mhz -0.6 MHz 141.3 Hz W2NJR 180 Ft 50w Linked On the Air
Summit, NJ 445.025 MHz -5 MHz 141.3 Hz W2NJR 425 Ft 50w Linked to W2LI On the Air
Martinsville, NJ 147.285 MHz +0.6 MHz 141.3 Hz W2NJR 909 Ft 100w Linked On the Air
Murray Hill., NJ 449.975 MHz -5 MHz 141.3 Hz W2LI 591 Ft 75W Linked for Nets On the Air
Murray Hill., NJ 147.255 MHz +0.6 MHz 141.3 Hz W2LI 591 Ft 75W Linked for Nets On the Air
EchoLink: W2NJR-R -Node: 21005         World Wide

Click here for a PDF version!

Some of the sites listed above have pictures available, which may be accessed by clicking on the site name. If  you are curious as to how the nuts and bolts go together to make the system work, check out this simple network diagram.


The repeater network is accessible via ECHOLINK. The network’s node is listed on the ECHOLINK servers as W2NJR-R, or repeater node number 21005. Repeater users may access other Echolink user, link, repeater, and conference nodes by sending standard DTMF control commands over-the-air. The command list is also available in PDF format. For a brief tutorial on using the ECHOLINK system, check out the tour of Echolink page.


Net Name


Net Control Op


Contact Info

United County Traffic Net (UCTN)

NJ NTS Daily Traffic Net


Nightly 10PM EST

Morning Friendly Chat Net

Daily roundtable get together

Bill            K3CBI

Daily 10AM EST


There are no dues and the repeaters are open to all licensed amateurs. All the owners ask is that users practice proper amateur operating procedures. During heavy usage periods (drive time, etc) we ask that priority is given to mobile operators. In addition, it is asked that casual users yield to the scheduled nets as needed.

If you would like to run a net on the system, please feel free to contact K2CB regarding usage of the system. Be sure to check back often for an up-to-date listing of current nets as it develops.



Occasionally, we may hold “fund drives” for special projects or major repairs. Donations are not solicited, but graciously accepted. Donations may be sent via PayPal to, or to the W2NJR callbook address via the US Postal Service.

Thanks to the following supporters for their contributions:



We are always looking to improve the coverage area of the network. Currently we are looking for sites in Atlantic, Cape May, Burlington, and Camden Counties to restore coverage to those areas. If you or someone you know has a good site available, or is interested in adding their repeater to our network, feel free to contact us.



Eric K2CB